All our designs are custom made to fit your company profile!

No templates are used!!!

We can create custom made graphics and fully customize your webpages.
We create quality websites at an affordable price! "Where Quality Beats The Price!"

All wording is to be supplied in MS Word Format.
Graphics to be supplied in digital format
All Forms, Flash applications & Scripts will be billed additionaly.

                                     Size                 Index.html              Additional pages (per page)

Static                         800 x 600              R 800.00                     R 500.00

Static pages              1024 x 768              R 975.00                     R 675.00

Interactive pages        800 x 600             R 1200.00                   R 1000.00

Interactive pages      1024 x 768             R 1500.00                   R 1300.00

*Online forms, Flash applications & phpSripts will be billed additionaly.
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